Welcome to the Syhunt Signal homepage. The Syhunt Signal automated assistant system helps Syhunt Dynamic detect invisible "out of band" vulnerabilities through OAST/OOB techniques. Syhunt Signal doesn't launches any scans or attacks, it just listens quietly to forced requests coming in from a vulnerable target web server and signals back to the Syhunt Dynamic software. Syhunt Dynamic then automatically correlates the received Signal alerts with attack requests it launched and adds the identified vulnerabilities, along with exfiltrated data (if any), to its report and user interface. Read more

Vulnerability TypeDetected CountExfiltrated Data Count
All Vulnerabilities1172288
OOB Command Execution256115
OOB Remote File Inclusion (RFI)27770
OOB Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)4220
OOB SQL Injection120
OOB XML External Entity (XXE) Injection205103
Stats since March 01, 2020.